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Does my pet need flea/tick protection, and if so, which product should I use?

For decades, we have heard the claim “My dog/cat never gets fleas.” Then we look, and see either live fleas, or salt and pepper – flea eggs and flea dirt. Yep, your pet has fleas. Or even without any direct evidence, your pet is chronically itchy. We are not judging anyone’s cleanliness – fleas do not indicate a dirty or neglectful home – they are a fact of pet parenting.

These days, fleas are much easier to eliminate. We’ve read and heard directly from the experts… veterinarians at Auburn University and Kansas State University that spend their careers studying fleas, and ways to protect your pets from fleas. They greatly prefer prescription oral products, such as Trifexis, Comfortis, Bravecto, Nexguard, Simparica, Credelio. These oral products have been thoroughly tested by the FDA for safety and effectiveness.

Non-prescription topical products are pesticides. They are on the surface of the skin, and you are exposed to them. They are regulated only by the EPA, not the FDA; therefore, they have not met the same level of safety standards and efficacy requirements that every prescription oral product meets.

Your dog or cat is best protected by oral, systemic products that cannot wash off, meet the highest safety and effectiveness requirements, and don’t expose your pet or your family to pesticides. Your pet’s best protection is to use these products all year, even in the winter.

Some of the worst flea infestations we see are indoor-only pets. In January.

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